February 21st, 2019

    Legal New ‘Brain Enhancers’ Are Challenging Status Quo

    CAMBRIDGE – When two Harvard roommates felt overwhelmed, overworked, and overmatched at the prestigious Ivy League university, they had no idea that their quest to fix their problem would lead to a multi billion dollar industry: legal brain pills to enhance focus and memory called nootropics.

    On the way to the gym one day, the founders, then just sophomores, kicked back on their pre-workout drink when co-founder Brodie Alexander,  joked, wouldn’t it be great if we could have something like this for our brain? The idea for Neurofuse was born: a supplement to provide unparalleled cognitive focus and energy.

    The two started in earnest to rediscover previous academic research on brain functionality that could be applied to create a brain performance formulation that was legal and safe.  They headed to Widener Library, the imposing central library at the University with over 80 miles of bookshelves.


    Widener Library at Harvard

    Scientific Research

    After digging through the scientific journals, the founders were shocked to discover that there had been over 50 years of various neuropharmalogocial research on various ingredients but no one had yet put all them together into a commercial brain pill.

    With the help of a contract manufacturer, the founders tested various formulations with their scientifically studied ingredients. When they tested the final variation, they both knew they found their formula.

    “I felt a laser focus that was pronounced and strong,” said Daniel Zachary, “I knew immediately what we created was going to be big”

    Fast forward a few years and their product, Neurofuse, is popular not only on college campuses but has found its way into board rooms, start ups, and trading floors. Brain pills are now main stream, popularized fictitiously in films like Limitless. More than 100,000 customers have purchased Neurofuse and it is available in stores everywhere, or online at places like Lucky Vitamin, which is owned by GNC.

    Free Trial

    And for a limited time, Neurofuse is offering a free 14 day trial on their own website. Get your free trial here.

    “We hope to continue to improve the world, ” says Lewis, “Unlocking someone’s true potential will unlock the best in humanity.”

    Neurofuse offers a 15 capsule free trial to new customers.



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