February 21st, 2019

    Is Using Legal Smart Drugs to Crush Exams Cheating? 

    As smart drugs like Neurofuse flood college campuses, college administrators are scrambling. 

    CAMBRIDGE – As scientific research around cognition has improved rapidly in the last few years, a growing number of students are discovering the new class of legal, effective, and safe smart drugs that help with focus, concentration, retention, and energy.

    “Study Drugs” used to mean the dangerous and illegal misuse of prescription pills. However, a new class of pills called nootropics are providing an affordable, safe, legal, and effective alternative. They are readily available online, with top brands like Neurofuse offering free trials.

    With the access to these legal and safe supplements becoming increasingly easy, university administrators are scrambling to assess if new rules need to be implemented to prohibit them, despite the fact they are safe and legal.

    “The question is not whether they are safe, it’s whether they are ethical,” one administrator opined, on the condition of anonymity – the purpose of an exam is to test one’s natural abilities, not a chemically aided one”

    Rhodeola Rhosea, one of the ingredients in Neurofuse, one of the most popular so called smart drugs, has been scientifically proven to improve test scores as high as 8%, when taken during studying, according to a study published in the Journal of Phytomedicine.

    “This is what is concerning to our ethical compass, ” the administrator added, “these pills clearly give students an edge.”

    But the founders of Neurofuse, don’t see it as an issue.

    “We are comfortable taking supplements to aid our muscle growth, there should be no taboo against using supplements to enhance our brain.”

    A broader issue is the ease of access that college students have to items like Neurofuse, which offers a free trial offer, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 50% student discount (use code COLLEGE50) at their website neurofuse.com

    With the continued scientific development of smart drugs and their growing popularity, will college campuses move to testing, much the way the NCAA does for its athletes?

    “You never know,” said the administrator. “It wouldn’t surprise me. ”


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